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Quickly and easily add AR and 3D technology to all of your eCommerce channels with LEVAR's full-suite AR platform.


Increase in Conversion Rates


Return on AR Spend


Decrease in Return Rates


Increase in Customer Engagement

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LEVAR 3D and AR drives more conversions than product images

Boost conversions, reduce returns and improve customer satisfaction with 3D and AR shopping from LEVAR.

How LEVAR's 3D and AR works to boost your sales

Create best-in-class 3D models, activate across your sales and marketing channels, engage your customers with the most effective visuals available.

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Every AR and 3D tool you need in one place

LEVAR powers all of your augmented reality and 3D product experiences through one, easy-to-use platform. Join the growing number of eCommere companies meeting customer demands with AR and 3D from LEVAR.

Virtual Try-On
Klaviyo API
Klaviyo API

Boost email and SMS engagement with 3D and AR for Klaviyo.

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AR-Driven Microsites
AR-Driven Microsites

Easily create custom virtual stores with AR Microsites.

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Spotlight Viewer
Spotlight Viewer

Stop using product spec sheets forever.

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5 Star Support
5 Star Support

See why businesses love working with LEVAR.

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3D for Google Shopping
3D for Google Shopping

Let AR boost your Google shopping experience.

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"We're very happy with LEVAR and how they have helped our business. The set-up process was very quick, and the team kept me informed all the way. We have had customers reach out to let us know how helpful the AR feature is and how it helped them make a purchase. They have a great team that made everything easy on my end. I would definitely recommend!"

Easily launch AR-Driven Shoppable Microsites

Create custom AR microsites that let your customers shop directly from their camera. Shoppers can try on eyewear, see furniture in their own space, test out color and size variants, and add to cart all from within the AR experience.

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Answer your customers questions before they even ask

With LEVAR Spotlight Viewer, you can create 3D landing pages that put your customers in the driver seat. No more static spec lists, engage every shopper with a dynamic, feature-focused 3D product experience.


"It has been a pleasure to work with the team at LEVAR. Their design team does an excellent job of modelling our products, and the virtual try-on is on par with the most advanced systems. I really like that they have a huge focus on how to tiw the assets into our marketing efforts. This is what sets them apart from other virtual ry-on companies."

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Remove the guesswork from online shopping with Virtual Try-On

Virtual Try-On is an easy and effective way to boost shopper engagement and improve conversions.

Add VTO for sunglasses, eyewear, hats and other headwear and let shoppers see for themselves why your products are a great fit.

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Easily integrate AR and 3D to your email and SMS flows

Maximize your email and SMS results by adding AR and 3D experiences directly into your flows with LEVAR's Klaviyo integration.

LEVAR customers also get access to our custom eCommerce email template library.

Great customer support leads to great customer success

Need help building an AR-driven marketing campaign? Want tips on 3D best practices for eComm?

Our Customer Success team is here for you. Just ask and you'll see why we've earned so many five star reviews.

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Make your marketing tools work better, together

Stop using separate tools for everything and start using LEVAR to make your marketing easier. LEVAR integrates with most major marketing platforms to help you create a consistent customer experience with interactive, shippable product experiences. LEVAR customers see an average Return On AR Spend of 30—to—1 in the first month of use.

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Our Platform Provides Multi-Channel Activation and 5-Star Support for Businesses of Any Size

  • AR Product Activation
  • PDP Implementation
  • Easy-to-use platform
  • 3D Product Viewer (includes variant switching)
  • In-house 3D Model Creation and re-mastery
  • 3D Spotlight Viewer (with in-viewer Add-to-Cart functionality)
  • Seamless eCommerce store integration (Shopify, Bigcommerce, custom)
  • Email Integration (Klaviyo and other major platforms)
  • SMS Integration (Attentive, Klaviyo, other major platforms)
  • Analytic integrations (LEVAR Analytics - Google Analytics)
  • Regular feature releases
  • 5-Star Customer Support

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Assault Fitness

"This app has been a huge help for our customers to be able to visualize our products in their home and/or gym. It's super easy to install and their team is always super quick to help with anything that might come up."

Assault Fitness AssaultBike Classic

Let AR boost your organic SEO

Adding AR and 3D can help your listings stand out on Google. Improve your search ranking and increase organic traffic with dynamic.

*Must have Google Merchant and Google Manufacturer account to qualify.

Ready to start transforming your customer shopping experience?

Our immersive, personalized, and affordable 3D and AR product experiences will help you increase sales, decrease returns, and stay ahead of the competition. Let's talk about what LEVAR can do for your business!